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Founded in 2001 by Dominique Vaccaro, a passionate cruise ship and old liner enthusiast since his childhood. He was concerned that only a few web sites provided a helpful and practical search for obtaining and visualization of cruise ship deck plans and staterooms available. Those that did, usually offered very little interactivity to find the configuration and location of a stateroom. One would get lost and perhaps bored by the opening of dozens of windows searching for information.

That is why this site came into existence. To help visitors, first time or even experienced cruise customers and travel agents search and find, through an easy to use and complete interface, the stateroom that would be best for their tastes, means or requests.

  • We have over 324,952 Stateroom Photos
  • We have over 30,395 Stateroom Videos
  • We have deck plans for 244 Cruise Ships

You can find cruise ship deck plans all over the internet. But our deck plans are truly interactive. As you view them you can mouse over pictures, pop ups and category information.

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